Phony "Peace Talks" Cannot Erase the Palestinian Liberation Struggle

January 14, 2008

George W. Bush visited  Jerusalem on January 9 in an attempt to reinitiate phony "peace talks" while Israel continues to escalate violence and terror against the Palestinian people. 

The fraud of the so-called "peace talks" can be seen not only in the fact that Israel carries out daily military operations in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza, but it can also be seen in the fact that Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem. It can be seen in the fact that Israel continues to build an apartheid wall throughout the West Bank , in the fact that it continues to choke off Gaza , depriving the people of the most elemental necessities, such as food, water, and electricity, etc. In short, it can be seen in the fact that Israel continues to carry out a program of genocide against the Palestinian people.

U.S. imperialism is the author and organizer of this aggression. It is the U.S. government that finances  Israel  to the tune of $5 billion per year. It is the U.S. government that provides the political support, the "peace talks" themselves being one of the means through which U.S. imperialism attempts to provide shelter and space for Israel to continue its war and expansion.

First of all, neither the "framework" for the current talks which was laid out at the Annapolis meeting in November 2007, nor the "roadmap for peace" upon which the framework is based, call for Israel to end the occupation and war. Nor does it call for Israel to end the building of settlements in the occupied territories.

On the other hand, the very starting point of "negotiations" is the requirement that Palestinians renounce all resistance to the brutal Israeli occupation. Any Palestinian organization that does not give in to this impossible demand is labeled "militant, extremist, terrorist," etc., and a legitimate target of escalating Israeli military repression. And at the very height of cynicism, "negotiations" that pay lip service to the creation of a "Palestinian state" are carried out without Hamas, the elected representatives of the Palestinians people.

Bush makes very clear that when he uses the words "Palestinian state" he does not mean an independent Palestinian state, but rather he means a neo-colonial administration completely under the domination of the U.S.-Israeli aggressors. In particular, he has used the occasion of the "peace talks" to renew his calls for all-out war against Hamas and other Palestinian resistance organizations and to impose the blackmail that any Palestinian government or institution must actively participate in the war to receive a seal of approval from the U.S. and Israel.

In short, the "peace talks" are designed to legalize Israeli domination over all of Palestine and they are part of a program that aims at liquidation of the Palestinian national liberation struggle.

These aims are of high importance to U.S. imperialism at this time because in order to carry out its wars against Iraq and Afghanistan , in order to make good on its threats against Iran , in order to re-colonize the entire region, it seeks to crush any and all resistance. It especially seeks to secure its base in Israel as the lynchpin in this strategy. Thus the Palestinian liberation struggle has long been and continues to be a thorn in its side and U.S. imperialism is again showing that it will go to any lengths to defeat it, including the very destruction of the Palestinian nation.

Yet the tired old strategy of the U.S. government playing "honest broker" in "peace talks" between Israel and Palestine is wearing very thin.

The heroic struggle of the Palestinian people continues to rally the support of world public opinion and continues to expose U.S.-Israeli aggression in all its naked horror. U.S. imperialism's surrogate Israel also suffered a blow in 2006 with the swift defeat of its invasion of Lebanon . Furthermore, U.S. imperialism is facing increasing difficulties in its wars on Iraq and Afghanistan , in its attempts to pressure Iran , Syria etc. The current continuation and renewal of offensives against Palestine , along with the renewal of phony "peace talks" are a reflection not of the strength of U.S. imperialism in the Middle East , but of its growing weakness and desperation.

U.S. imperialism must not be given any breathing room in its attempts to consolidate its position in the Middle East . It is the duty of the American people to step up our struggle to demand an immediate end to all U.S. aid to Israel and to support the right of the Palestinian people to their own genuinely sovereign state in their national homeland.