Condemn U.S.-Israeli Aggression in Gaza!

December 28, 2008

The conscience of the entire world is condemning the calculated and savage bombardment of the Gaza Strip by the U.S.-Israeli aggressors.

On December 27, Israel began bombarding the Gaza strip, using U.S. supplied F-16 war planes and Apache helicopters to drop bombs on densely populated civilian areas in the Israeli-occupied strip. As the airstrikes continue for the second day, 290 Palestinians are confirmed dead and at least 800 are wounded.

As The Worker goes to press, Israel has already begun mobilizing tanks and ground troops to the Gaza border in preparation for a possible invasion.

The latest bombardment of the civilian population of Gaza aims at terrorizing the people and forcing a change in the Palestinian goverment.

U.S. officials immediately urged on the latest Israeli aggression. In the words of a spokesman for President Bush, referring to the elected Palestinian goverment, “These people are nothing but thugs, and so Israel is going to defend its people against terrorists like Hamas.”

This Hitlerite attack comes when Israel, with the support of U.S. imperialism, has blockaded the Palestinian economy in an attempt to starve the people into submission. The strangulating blockade of Gaza went on despite a so-called “truce” signed in June but never honored by Israel. Rather, the U.S. and Israel used the so-called “truce” solely to condemn any opposition by Palestinians to the months-long blockade and ongoing Israeli military incursions into Gaza.

At the same time, Israel continues with its program of permanently annexing large sections of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, expanding settlement activity and building its Apartheid Wall to carve up Palestine and prevent the creation of a viable Palestinian state.

Israel’s continuing war against Palestine is part of U.S. imperialism's so-called "war against terrorism." As the U.S. military is occupying Iraq and Afghanistan as key steps in recolonizing the entire Middle East, it simultaneously seeks to crush the Palestinians to stabilize its base of operations in Israel and destroy any resistance to its domination.

But the Palestinian resistance will not be defeated! On the contrary, the Palestinian resistance will continue to provide inspiration to the peoples everywhere. The heroic resistance of the Palestinian people, side-by-side with the liberation struggles in Iraq and Afghanistan, are in the forefront of the world struggle against imperialism and for peace. Despite the military strength of the aggressors the Palestinian resistance has forced the Israelis to retreat time and again.

The Workers Party, U.S.A. calls on every person of conscience to contribute to this struggle, so crucial to the future of humanity and the rights of the people. We must redouble our struggle against U.S. imperialism, the real aggressor and occupier of Palestine.

We demand the immediate, unconditional end to Israel’s blockade and aggression in Gaza!

We demand the immediate, unconditional cutoff of all U.S. aid to Israel!

We demand the withdrawal of all Israeli troops and settlements from the West Bank, the right to return for all Palestinian refugees and the establishment of a genuinely independent and sovereign Palestinian state!