Our Starting Point

May 24, 2008

The Workers Party holds that the success of the people's struggles to end the government's program of war, exploitation, racism and repression can only be achieved by the workers and people themselves.

Thus, the starting point of the Party’s work is to bring into political life the masses of people who are locked out and excluded from the political mechanisms set up by the capitalists and the opportunists.

The Party’s experience is that only by bringing revolutionary politics — the Marxist-Leninist politics of emancipation — to the people can we break the stranglehold of bourgeois politics and release the people’s initiative. This experience has proven to be the most objective thing in the world, and remains constant notwithstanding which front of the work we are concentrating on or which part of the Party's action program we are taking up.

Of course, as we take up this work, not everyone immediately joins in, and people's level of participation varies. The struggle for political power does not reduce itself to one battle.

The key issue is to create a pole of opposition to the capitalist politics and a space in which the workers and people can sort out their own aims and agenda. We do this by bringing independent politics amongst people on as consistent and broad a basis as possible. By persisting in this in one battle after another, we maximize the initiative of the people.

Thus, the Party is continuously mobilizing people on the basis of the program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy, and socialism. Our aim is for the whole working class and people to rise to assert their rights and build a new society.