No Victory for the Warmakers

March 28, 2008

True, the Iraq war has not yet been stopped.

On the contrary, the war and occupation of Iraq continues to impose an increasingly brutal social reality on the Iraqi people.

U.S. military offensives resulting in fresh devastation are ongoing. Iraqis are regularly shot down by occupation forces and they constantly face the threat of such an end. The streets abound with military vehicles and helicopter gunships loom overhead. U.S. and/or Iraqi puppet forces regularly carry out raids backed by U.S. warplanes.

162,000 U.S. troops currently occupy Iraq and the number of U.S.-trained and directed armed forces have vastly increased. For example, since last summer 100,000 Iraqi army, police and border forces have been added.

The Iraqi people continue to live without basic necessities. People go with little or no electricity. They lack clean water and sanitation and increasingly suffer and die from the diseases that such conditions give rise to.

Concrete barriers are a blight on many cities, as are walls that segregate and divide neighborhoods, separating families etc. Iraqi people are regularly forced to go through checkpoints, sometimes waiting there for hours.

Torture of Iraqis in American prisons continues.

Iraq’s economy continues to be sold off to foreign capitalists and bankers.

The Iraqi people’s most basic democratic rights are trampled underfoot as a foreign power imposes the laws, government institutions, economic policy etc, through force of arms.

All of this is part and parcel of the continued war and is in complete alignment with its aims. U.S. forces remain in Iraq precisely in order to conquer that country and grab its wealth.

An end to the imposition of this horrific social reality means nothing less than the immediate and complete withdrawal of U.S. troops and an end to all U.S. interference in the internal affairs of Iraq.

In opposition to this demand, Bush and the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and opportunism have for five years been repeating their unified position: “we can’t leave now.” Each additional moment in Iraq is another moment for U.S. imperialism to further entrench itself and each moment renders more devastation and destruction upon the people of Iraq.

Yet as much as it is true that the war has not yet been stopped, all the politicians’ claims of success in Iraq are even more untrue.

Five years ago, Bush claimed that the Iraqi people would throw flowers at the feet of the U.S. soldiers, but the Iraqi people resisted U.S. imperialism.

Bush, along with a Congress controlled by the Democratic Party, called out even more military might beginning in 2007—increasing U.S. troops levels in Iraq by 30,000. Now Bush and government officials boast of their so-called “success” in Iraq, and try to bury their heads in the sand about the undeniable fact that the Iraqi people have even still not submitted to the terror of overwhelming force.

The Iraqi people are resisting and defeating U.S. imperialism.

The Iraqi people’s struggle again highlights the mortal weakness of U.S imperialism—it is opposed by the peoples everywhere. U.S. imperialism’s conquest of Iraq is being hindered and it can be defeated.

The American people have an important role to play in the struggle to end this war. We need to build up our own independent, anti-imperialist organizations with the aim of maximizing popular participation and mobilization in order to force the government to get Out of Iraq Now!