Get Organized!

July 20, 2008

This year’s elections once again remind the working class and the vast majority of people that, despite all of the propaganda about "democracy," we have no say about the kind of society we live in. We are completely locked out and excluded from the political power.

The Democratic and Republican parties, which have a monopoly over the electoral process, are bought-and-paid-for by the very same billionaires and corporations. The Democrats and Republicans are devoted to the agenda of the rich and offer us no other prospect but more wars, more racism and repression, more poverty and exploitation.

Facing up to the political reality in our country means recognizing that we are going to have to emancipate ourselves. This means that we have to come out together and develop our own independent political movement which brings the agenda of the people to center-stage.

The Workers Party calls on all the people:

Break the political stranglehold of the rich! Use the elections as an occasion to get organized and develop our own independent political movement!

How can we develop this movement and this struggle?

—Use the elections to denounce the Republicans and Democrats and their agenda of leading our country into wars, slashing social investments while putting all of our resources at the disposal of big business, building up the repressive apparatus of the government and attacking the democratic rights of the people.

—Step up both our resistance to the attacks of the capitalists and our struggles for our own independent agenda based on the program of economic rights, democratic renewal, and a democratic foreign policy.

— Put forward our own vision for our country which, recognizing the collective nature of society and the common interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, places the political power in the hands of the people themselves and provides real guarantees for our inalienable rights.

Developing such an independent movement is the way to end our marginalization in the political life of the country and for the workers and people to become the active and leading force guiding our country forward.