Build the Mass Workers' Press!

August 24, 2008

Building “The Worker” is one of the most important means of developing independent politics.

Through the monopoly controlled media, the capitalists spew their propaganda out into every nook and cranny of the society. The capitalist mass media is a media of lies – it aims to numb the consciousness of the people, to whitewash the crimes of the capitalists and their government, to hide the suffering of the broad masses of the people and especially to impose a blockade of silence against independent political struggles.

The capitalists, of course, have vast technological resources and unlimited money with which to produce and transport their media and bombard the people with lies.

In opposition to the monopoly media, “The Worker” is devoted solely to the struggle to change society, to the struggle of the working class for emancipation. The task of “The Worker” is to expose the lies of the capitalists, to popularize and support the struggles of the working class and the broad masses of the people and to provide the independent political inspiration, theory and tactics for advancing the peoples’ struggles and merging them all into a conscious and systematic movement.

The Workers’ press relies solely on the efforts and contributions of the workers themselves to meet all of our editorial, technical, distribution, financial and other needs. To defeat the lies of the capitalist media, to build our workers’ press into a strong, nation-wide center which provides consciousness and direction for the working class and people, we need the sustained efforts of all the activists and friends of the Workers Party and we also need to draw even wider sections of workers and progressive political activists into the work.

There are many ways to contribute to building “The Worker.” Use the pages of “The Worker” to denounce the capitalist class and its program of robbery, war and repression. Sum up and send in reports on the experience of applying the political analysis to the concrete conditions in your area. Organize groups to read and discuss “The Worker.” Build distribution networks for “The Worker” in order to increase its circulation...

All out to Build the Workers’ Press!