Anti-war Demonstrations Across the World!

March 28, 2008

Throughout the week of March 19, millions of people participated in anti-war demonstrations around the world. This March marks the 5 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Demonstrations took place in cities on every continent.

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets across the United States including in Los Angeles, San Fransico, Chicago and other major cities. Local demonstrations, vigils, meetings, etc., were also organized in communities in every region of the country.

In addition to calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, demonstrators opposed other fronts in the government’s so-called “war on terror.” Prominent slogans included: “Out of Iraq, Now!,” “Hands off Iran!,” “Stop U.S. Aid to Israel!,” “Out of Afghanistan!”

These events show again humanity’s irreconcilable opposition to U.S. imperialism’s war program and aspiration to bring a world of peace and friendship into being.