Road of the Party: Humanity at a Crossroads

January 12, 2007

The following article is an excerpt from the book Creating the Subjective Conditions for Revolution written by Michael Thorburn in June 2000.

The working class matures politically, accumulates strength and prepares for the socialist revolution through continuous struggle with the bourgeoisie over the fundamental issues facing society.

Today, humankind is at a crossroads.

On a world scale, the capitalist class, refusing to recognize the social character of the productive forces and striving, at all costs, to maintain its exploiting system, is throwing humanity backwards. In the U.S., monopoly capital is imposing a thoroughly reactionary, anti-social agenda on the country - imposing new and more intense forms of exploitation on the workers, slashing social investments in education, in health care, in income-support programs, in Social Security, etc., privatizing the public infrastructure and stripping away any guarantees for the economic and human rights of the people. This anti-social agenda offers no other prospect or future except putting our entire country at the disposal of the capitalist monopolies.

To impose this agenda on the people, the government rules by the most arbitrary methods and the people are completely excluded from the political power.

On an international scale, U.S. imperialism is trying to assert itself as the sole superpower by relying on its military power and imposing the doctrine that "Might Makes Right" on the peoples of the whole world. U.S. imperialism has declared that it alone has the right to determine the economic and social system of every country and to decide which peoples are entitled to sovereignty and independence and which are not. U.S. imperialism is the sworn enemy of the national liberation movements of the oppressed nations and of the international working class movement.

The program of economic rights, democratic renewal and a democratic foreign policy is the immediate response of the Workers Party to the crisis of capitalism and the anti-social agenda of the bourgeoisie. These demands arise from the urgent problems confronting the people and that is why they are already in the thinking and on the lips of large numbers of people. The program of economic rights, democratic renewal and a democratic foreign policy points the way for the workers and people to come into the political sphere and end their political marginalization by contending openly with monopoly capital over the direction and future of our country.

Popularizing this program and developing the forms of organization and methods of struggle necessary for its implementation are the ways to empower people and create the foundations for a mass, independent working class and popular movement. The very content of this immediate political program brings to the fore the property question - the class question - and brings people to the social front against the bourgeoisie. In this way, the program of economic rights, democratic renewal and a democratic foreign policy accumulates forces for the socialist revolution.