We Must Cut Out the Cancer of Militarism!

February 11, 2007

On February 5, George Bush announced his proposed military budget for fiscal 2008.

For the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush wants an emergency supplemental appropriation of another $93.4 billion for fiscal 2007 in addition to $142 billion for fiscal 2008. When all the proposed military expenditures are added together (including the "basic" budget of the Department of Defense, the "war on terrorism" as well as military spending budgeted through the Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security and NASA) Bush plans to spend more than $800 billion on war.

Congress is expected to approve the Pentagon's requests; in the words of Harry Reid, Democratic leader of the Senate: "There isn't a Democrat here that wants to take monies away from the troops. Democrats pledge that our troops will receive everything they need to do their jobs."

This enormous war budget will only mean more death and destruction for peoples throughout the world (millions of people in Afghanistan and Iraq have been killed or wounded in the last 5 years).

At the same time, the whole of our country has been placed on a war footing. Next year's military budget will cost $10,000 for every American family of 4. To feed this war machine, the government keeps slashing vital social investments - in Medicaid and Medicare, in public housing, in education, in income-support for the poor, etc. The government knows that these cuts will lead to more poverty, more hunger, more homelessness - more disease, suffering and death. But these deaths, too, are necessary to feed the war machine and empire of U.S. capitalism.

This grotesque war budget is the cancerous growth of the capitalist-imperialist system. The monopoly capitalist class, in its insatiable drive for profit and empire, has launched an "international war on terrorism" with the aim of becoming the "emperor of the world." The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere show that U.S. imperialism will commit any crime - will destroy whole countries and commit genocide against nations. And to carry out its wars, the capitalist class is devouring our economy and infecting every cell of our country with its militarism and racism.

Militarism and war, the cancerous growths of U.S. capitalist-imperialism, must be cut out of the body of our country. We must cut to the root and break the power of the monopoly capitalist class - a class whose very existence is based on war and exploitation.