On the Troop Surge

Out of Iraq, Now!

August 8, 2007

U.S. military commanders will deploy 35,000 replacement troops to Iraq in August to continue the so-called “surge” in the Iraq war. There are currently 158,000 U.S. troops deployed in Iraq.

As part of the increase in U.S. troop levels begun in January, the government has deployed 10,000 U.S. troops in the Diyala Province, a large region north and east of Bagdhad. This operation, dubbed, “Operation Arrowhead Ripper,” has included air assaults in civilian populated centers accompanied by tanks, artillery and attack planes, and troops dropped in by helicopter.

This campaign, which killed 22 people in its opening hours, is one of several U.S.-led attack operations. Two other operations, code-named “Operation Sledgehammer” and “Operation Phantom Thunder” have employed indiscriminate cordon-and-search tactics in heavily populated and residential areas, as well as attack helicopters.
With an increase in U.S. military operations throughout the country, there has been a proportional rise in the number of U.S. airstrikes. The rate of airstrikes, 237 between January and mid-April, has more than doubled over last year’s rate. Hundreds of Iraqis have been killed in recent weeks by U.S. and puppet Iraqi troops.

The response of the so-called “anti-war” Democrats is to talk of “timelines,” “drawdowns,” and “phased withdrawal” of some troops. These catchphrases boil down to assertions that right now, the war must continue. According to Barak Obama’s website, his plan “allows for a limited number of U.S. troops to remain in Iraq as basic force protection, to engage in counter-terrorism and to continue the training of Iraqi security forces.” According to Hillary Clinton, “Trying to withdraw is not something you snap your fingers and tell people, do it tomorrow.”

In this way, the Democratic Party politicians are desperately attempting to buy more time to continue U.S. imperialism’s brutal war against the Iraqi people.

U.S. imperialism and its government of occupation in Iraq are fighting tooth and nail to subjugate the Iraqi people but they are failing. The Iraqi people will not be subjugated because they are fighting for freedom and independence and this cause is stronger that the greatest military power in the world which fights only for colonialism and domination. Neither the troop surge nor empty phrases and chauvinist posturing will change this fact.

However, there should be no illusions. The capitalist warmakers and their twin parties, the Democrats and Republicans, will never voluntarily give up their imperialist aims and interests. They will continue the war until defeated by the combined strength of the Iraqi liberation struggle, the American people’s anti-war struggles, and the struggles of peoples everywhere.

Our response to the escalation of the war must be to escalate our opposition. Let us strengthen the people’s anti-war, anti-imperialist organizations and step-up our struggle to demand U.S. Troops Out Now!