Editorial: International Gangster

January 29, 2007

On January 24, the U.S. government launched another air strike against Somalia using the notorious "anti-personnel" AC-130 gunship. Only a week earlier, the U.S. had carried out a series of air attacks, killing at least 50 civilians.

U.S. warships are also maintaining a naval blockade against Somalia and U.S. special forces, based in Djibouti, have been carrying out ground operations,

The U.S. government has hardly bothered itself trying to justify its aggression except to offer the standard refrain that the U.S. is "going to go after al-Qaida in the global war on terrorism wherever it takes us." (quoted from Bryan Whitman, Defense Department spokesman).

This is the "logic" of the "global war on terrorism." The U.S. government issues an edict branding any government, any nation, any organization or any individual as "terrorist" and then it carries out any atrocity it feels like. International law and the sovereignty of countries can be trampled underfoot. Any number of civilians can be killed and written off as "collateral damage." "Terrorists" can be tortured because U.S. imperialism has decreed they have no human rights.

For all the politicians in the Republican and Democratic parties the "global war on terrorism" is the latest litmus test of patriotism. For the monopoly-controlled media, it is the unassailable crusade of the 21st century. But for the peoples of the world, it is only the latest battle cry of the U.S. capitalist class - the biggest exploiters and aggressors in history.

The "global war on terrorism" shows that in the world today, U.S. imperialism knows no restraint - that it is prepared to commit any crime in its pursuit of profit and empire.

It can only be restrained by the peoples and their struggles against intervention and war, their struggles for independence, sovereignty and liberation, their struggles for peace. These struggles cannot stop until U.S. imperialism is defeated everywhere, until the power of the exploiters and warmakers is broken and the people themselves regain the reigns of government.