Only the Peoples Can Stop the Wars!
We Must, We Can and We Will!

January 12, 2007

Throughout the world, the peoples are demanding: "U.S. Troops, Out of Iraq!" "Stop the Wars!"

The response of the U.S. government is to send more troops to Iraq and to escalate its wars of aggression!

On January 10, George Bush announced that he will send an additional 20,000 troops to Iraq, bringing the total number of U.S. troops to 155,000 (tens of thousands of multinational troops and mercenaries as well as more than 100,000 Iraqi puppet troops are also under U.S. command). Commenting on this new deployment, the U.S. commander in Iraq, General Petraeus, said that he hopes U.S. forces can gain the upper hand in 2-3 years.

In the same speech, Bush threatened military strikes against Iran and Syria and announced the deployment of another aircraft carrier and its supporting battleships to the Persian Gulf, within striking distance of Iran. Bush will also deploy more Patriot missiles in the region. On January 11, the Pentagon, following up on Bush's speech, announced plans to increase the overall number of U.S. troops by almost 100,000. So too, the U.S. keeps escalating its war against Afghanistan.

In other words, the wars are going to continue and the U.S. government does not care how many Iraqi and American lives it sacrifices in its drive for oil and empire. The fact is that the U.S. monopoly capitalist class needs and wants war. The capitalists need and want war to grab the oil of Iraq, to establish permanent U.S. bases in Afghanistan and Central Asia, to recolonize the strategic Middle East. The capitalists' so-called "war on terrorism" is a war to assert that the U.S. is the sole superpower, that its military might makes it the emperor of the world with the power to invade any country at any time, to determine which countries are entitled to independence, to brand as "terrorist" any people who resist and fight for freedom; in short U.S. imperialism has appointed itself the judge, jury and executioner of humanity.

Over the last 5 years, the government has proved, time and time again, that the demands and will of the American people mean nothing to it. The people demand peace and the government escalates its wars. The war program has been supported every step of the way by the both the Republicans and Democrats and this remains true today. Mostly recently, the Democrats postured as opponents of the war to gain political power and yet, they have already proven that they will not use their control of Congress to end the war. On the contrary they will continue to finance and prosecute it. The people can have no illusions. Even as the imperialists escalate their wars, they will also escalate their demagogy and posturing, trying to divert the people's movement into the dead-end of awaiting, supporting and relying on the Democratic Party.

In escalating the wars, U.S. imperialism is only revealing its desperation, not its strength. The warmakers themselves admit that they are losing. Bush claimed that the Iraqi people would bow down before the U.S. invaders and throw flowers at their feet; but today, even Bush and the Pentagon admit that the resistance of the Iraqi people has thwarted their plans. So too in Afghanistan.

Five years ago, the warmakers pretended that the American people were united behind the bloodthirsty aggression of the capitalists. But from day one, the American people have come out against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and today, even the government admits that the overwhelming majority oppose the wars.

In the face of the warmakers' brazen escalation and continuing wars, we must turn our outrage into determined, organized struggle.

The U.S. aggressors will be forced out of Iraq - but only by the struggles of the people. It is up to the American people to step up our mass actions to demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and foreign troops from Iraq. We must support the resistance of the Iraqi people and their inalienable right to national independence and sovereignty - to determine their affairs for themselves.

We must not only oppose the war in Iraq, but every front of U.S. imperialism's so-called "war on terrorism." We must demand the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, an end to U.S.-backed Israeli aggression in Palestine; an end to U.S. pressure and threats against Iran, Syria, North Korea and everywhere.

To carry these struggles through, we can rely only on the strength and organization of the people themselves. We must build up a proactive, independent movement for peace - a movement which demands an end to U.S. aggression and interference everywhere, the withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad, recognition of the sovereign equality of every nation and an end to the militarization of our country.

Only the Peoples Can Stop the Wars!

We Must, We Can and We Will!