Questions That Must Be Asked

March 13, 2006

1) Are the war against Iraq and the "war against terrorism" caused by Bush alone? What is the economic and political force -- the social class -- behind the war?

2) How can the Democratic Party be called an "anti-war" force when, from beginning to end, it has endorsed and funded the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Palestine, etc.?

3) How does the "exit strategy" of the so-called "good" Democratic representatives or officials compare with the demand of the people to get all U.S. and foreign troops out of Iraq, now?

4) Can we be neutral or silent about the influence of pro-war politics inside the anti-war movement?

5) What must be done to give political and organizational expression to the aspirations of the people to live in a world of peace, free of U.S. imperialist aggression and intervention?