The People Must Strengthen Their Own Politics

August 28, 2006

As the November elections approach, what stands out is that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats nor the whole rigged political system have anything to offer the people.

The people need peace. We want a world of friendship amongst all peoples based on recognizing the sovereignty and equality of every country. But the Republicans and Democrats keep waging wars - wars to conquer and exploit other nations.

The people demand a society without racism and repression - a society which guarantees in practice the rights and equality of all. But the Democrats and Republicans keep building up the police state and imposing systematic discrimination and oppression on immigrants and national minorities.

The people need a secure economic existence and a standard of living commensurate with our country's economic development. But the Republicans and Democrats keep slashing funds for vital social programs including health care, education, income-support for the poor, etc.

These demands and aspirations of the people cannot be ignored. In fact they are the VERY STARTING POINT of life and politics.

Across the country, people are already fighting for their demands. In every city and town, people are building anti-war organizations and coming out in protests to demand: "U.S. Out of Iraq, Now!" A new nationwide movement has emerged to fight for the rights of immigrants. Workers keep organizing strikes and other economic struggles.

All of history teaches that it is the people who are the force for peace and social progress. This great truth is all the more important today, when the capitalist-imperialist system is in crisis and can only lead to more wars, more fascism, more poverty and exploitation. Today, the peoples everywhere - in Lebanon and Palestine, in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Venezuela and Bolivia and Cuba, in Europe, Asia and Africa - are again proving this truth by standing and fighting against U.S. imperialism and its war program - fighting for freedom and independence, for social progress and emancipation.

Thus, as the capitalists organize their election circus, the issue facing the people - the burning and decisive issue of American politics - is the absolute necessity of further organizing the independent movement of the working class and people, in opposition to and struggle against the parties of the capitalist class.

This is the issue which the Workers Party has taken up and we call on all progressive people to join with us in this work.

All the objective conditions, the deepest needs of the people - the very future of humanity - cry out for change. Our economy has vast productive power and can easily guarantee all the economic needs of the people, yet tens of millions are denied basic necessities. The world wants peace yet the wars continue. The peoples, everywhere, are demanding their rightful place as the decision-makers, the real rulers, of society, yet the power remains in the hands of the few.

The future of the people must be fought for and won by the people themselves. It can only be won through the self-conscious, independent organization of the people. It can only be won through struggle against the capitalist class and its political parties.

Let us use the election period to:

- Denounce and oppose the capitalist parties, as the parties of war, racism, repression and poverty.

- Rally around and popularize the program of the people - for peace, for the economic rights of the people, for an end to the political stranglehold of the rich and the empowerment of the people.

- Strengthen the people's own political party and mass organizations.