Goodyear Workers Strike

October 15, 2006

Fifteen thousand (15,000) members of the United Steelworkers at 16 Goodyear tire plants in the U.S. and Canada went on strike on October 5.

The workers are fighting Goodyear's demands for concessions. Goodyear wants to close its plants in Gadsden, Alabama and Tyler, Texas, wiping out the jobs of nearly 2,200 union workers. Goodyear is also demanding cuts in wages - as high as 50% for some workers - as well as cuts in health care and retiree pensions and health coverage.

In 2003, Goodyear forced $2 billion in concessions onto the workers. Goodyear has proposed another round of cuts claiming that they are necessary for it to stay "competitive." This is same slogan which the capitalists in every sector are using to slash workers' wages and benefits.

The facts show that last quarter Goodyear sales reached a new record; the company is the third largest tire manufacturer in the world and had $19.5 billion in sales last year. Eighty thousand (80,000) Goodyear workers operate 100 plants in 29 countries.

The workers have had enough. They are rallying around the demands to stop plant closings and guarantee every worker's job. They are determined to defend their wages and benefits and accept no new cuts.

Round-the-clock picket lines have been set up at Goodyear plants and workers say they will stay on strike "as long as it takes." Mass rallies have also been organized in several cities, including Akron, Ohio and Fayetteville, North Carolina.