Anti-Imperialist Politics

June 6, 2007

The Workers Party carries on continuous discussion to involve people in sorting out: "How to advance the anti-war struggle?"

For our part, we think that anti-imperialist politics is the key to developing the anti-war struggles into a proactive, independent movement aimed at winning a real and lasting peace.

Anti-imperialist politics shows the cause of the war program in the economic and strategic interests of the monopoly capitalist class. It shows the necessity to direct the struggle against the parties of war - the Republicans and Democrats.

Anti-imperialist politics links together the many currents of the anti-war struggle into one common struggle against the common enemy - U.S. imperialism.

Anti-imperialist politics creates a proactive movement which provides real solutions: the withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad, the end to U.S. participation in reactionary military alliances and an end to U.S. support for reactionary regimes, the end to U.S. intervention in all its forms, recognition of the sovereign equality of every country, and an end to the militarization of our country.

Anti-imperialist politics relies on the people - on their own consciousness, organizations and struggle - to win the peace. Anti-imperialist politics is continually reaching out to the broadest sections of people, especially those who find themselves excluded from contemporary politics. It empowers people by bringing them the facts and working to unfold political discussion on all the burning issues facing the movement.

Anti-imperialist politics is the means for maximizing the immediate struggle against the war in Iraq by bringing in the widest sections of peoples and relying on their determination and initiative. At the same time, anti-imperialist politics accumulates forces for fundamental solutions by always consolidating the consciousness and independent organizations of the people themselves.