Congress Vows to Continue the War

February 14, 2006

Last week, Congress overwhelmingly approved resolutions to continue the war in Iraq until the "U.S. will prevail in the Global War on Terrorism."

A Pentagon "briefing" distributed to Congress prior to the vote demanded the total commitment of "all elements of national power" to win the war, which, the Pentagon called a "central front" in a "worldwide war against terrorism" which will be a "long war." The Pentagon report is filled with racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Iraqi propaganda inciting more U.S. aggression against "Islamic totalitarianism" based on "extremism, violence and hate." At the same time, the Pentagon openly boasts that under the U.S. occupation, Iraq has been opened up to foreign corporations and international bankers. The briefing warns that "losing" the war means losing Iraq's vast oil reserves.

During the Congressional proceedings, the monopoly controlled media and political opportunism tried to claim that the Democratic Party was opposing the war. This is a fraud from beginning to end.

In the Senate, the Democrats offered a nonbinding resolution which called for an unspecified number of U.S. troops to leave Iraq this year and for Bush to submit a plan with estimated dates for more "redeployment."

Even this empty "resolution" gives the Pentagon a further escape clause by underlining that any "redeployment" must take into consideration "unexpected contingencies." Furthermore, the resolution envisions a permanent U.S. presence in Iraq to carry on "training Iraqi security forces, providing logistic support for Iraq security forces, protecting U.S. infrastructure and personnel, and participating in targeted counterterrorism activities." This is not a program for withdrawal but a program for continuing the U.S. occupation and war.

The entire motivation of the Democrats' so-called exit strategy is to help U.S. imperialism win the war. The resolution begins by underscoring the need for "winning the fight against terrorist networks [which] requires an integrated, comprehensive effort that uses all facets of power of the U.S." Introducing this resolution, Senator Levin repeatedly emphasized that "supporters of our amendment are just as determined to maximize prospects for success in Iraq as are the opponents of our amendment."

The Democrats' posturing is an attempt to buy time for U.S. imperialism. They hope that empty promises about withdrawal will lend legitimacy to the puppet Iraqi government, gain more international support for the war and thus, in the words of John Kerry, undermine and "defeat the insurgency." In the U.S., the Democrats hope to deflect the anti-war movement.

No. U.S. imperialism is not and will not willingly withdraw from Iraq.

But it is being defeated and will be forced to withdraw by the Iraqi resistance. The stand of the American people is to support Iraq's independence and sovereignty by demanding nothing less than the immediate and total withdrawal of all U.S. troops.