U.S. Plans New Nuclear Weapons

March 4, 2003

On February 19, the Los Alamos Study Group, a nuclear watchdog organization, revealed that the Bush administration will hold a secret meeting this summer to plan the construction of a new generation of nuclear weapons, including neutron bombs, "bunker busters" and other so-called mini-nukes.

The meeting of senior military officials and U.S. nuclear scientists will be held at the U.S. Strategic Command's bunker headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, in August. According to the document, officials will also make plans to restart nuclear testing and discuss ways to justify the new weapons to the American public. Officials from the National Nuclear Security Administration, which is the agency responsible for building and maintaining the U.S. nuclear arsenal, confirmed the authenticity of the leaked U.S. plans.

Upon hearing of the plans, Stephen Schwartz, the publisher of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, stated "How can we possibly go to the international community or to these countries and say 'How dare you develop these weapons,' when its exactly what we're doing?"

Currently, the U.S. government maintains a stockpile of over 11,000 nuclear warheads, with 2,500 megatonnage capability. It is able to deploy these weapons through 575 ICBMs, 408 SLBMs, and 102 bombers. Every year, the U.S. spends an average of $33 billion on nuclear weapons development. But the Bush administration is not satisfied with this arsenal of mass destruction and is thus carrying forward a further build-up and "modernization" of U.S. imperialism's nuclear stockpile.

While Bush keeps up the hysterical Big Lie about the so-called "nuclear threat" of Iraq, North Korea, and other countries, it is U.S. imperialism itself which has filled the oceans and continents of the whole world with nuclear weapons so that no country is free of the nuclear threat. Furthermore, to this day the U.S. remains the number one producer of biological and chemical weapons.

These latest plans by U.S. imperialism to develop new and "more usable" nukes demonstrate the need for all peace-loving people to speak out and organize against the growing danger of war. We must oppose any and every step by the government to increase its military budget and build these new weapons of mass destruction.