North Korea Responds to Bush

February 4, 2003

The following article is excerpted from the Korean Central News Agency, January 30.

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea today issued a statement accusing U.S. President Bush of committing a very grave provocation by malignantly slandering the DPRK in a "State of Union address" at Congress on January 29. The statement said:

Bush said an oppressive regime rules a people. He further said we now know that the regime was deceiving the world, and developing those weapons all along, and today the North Korean regime is using its nuclear program to incite fear and seek concessions.

Bush has already earned ill-fame as an emotional backbiter, but his recent address clearly proves that he is a shameless charlatan reversing black and white under the eyes of the world. . . .

No sooner had he come to power than he, prompted by the deep-rooted hostility toward the socialist system in the DPRK, described the DPRK as part of an "axis of evil" only to invite worldwide criticism and condemnation and retract his remarks in less than one year.

When the international community expressed deep apprehensions in the wake of his remarks listing the DPRK as a target of preemptive nuclear attacks, Bush, commander-in-chief, said in great haste that the U.S. had no intention to invade North Korea. But, in actuality, he sent an aircraft carrier to the East Sea of Korea.

The Korean people are a peace-loving people who never had their eyes on other countries, a nation whose history began thousands of years ago when the U.S. did not exist in the world.

The demands of the DPRK still remain simple.

The DPRK does not seek to gain concessions from the U.S. by threatening it as Bush claimed, but urges the U.S. to stop its intervention and threat so that the Korean people may live in peace for themselves as they did when such a country as the U.S. did not exist.

From this purpose the DPRK proposed the U.S. to legally assure each other of non-aggression.

The U.S. has deployed nuclear weapons in one part of Korea . . . And posed a nuclear threat to the DPRK, causing the nuclear issue to surface on the Korean Peninsula. The U.S. was the first to have nuclear weapons and emerged as the world's largest possessor of weapons of mass destruction. Yet it is trying to mislead the public opinion by spreading the rumor that the DPRK is chiefly to blame for the nuclear issue. This is the height of shamelessness.

The reckless remarks made by Bush in his official speech dealing with the year's national policy cannot but reflect the stand and policy of the present U.S. administration.

This policy speech is, in essence, an undisguised declaration of aggression to topple the DPRK system.

The U.S. ulterior motive in having persistently dodged the DPRK's proposal for concluding a non-aggression treaty between the DPRK and the U.S. has now been brought to daylight.

The U.S. is seriously mistaken if it thinks the DPRK will remain a passive onlooker to the U.S. reckless moves to dare topple the DPRK system which was chosen and built by the Korean people themselves and is considered by them as their life and soul.

We will never allow the U.S. to wantonly encroach upon the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK and destroy its system. We will do our utmost to defend our system in view of the U.S. declaration of aggression.