Iraqi People Reject U.S. Occupation

April 29, 2003

The people of Iraq are taking to the streets everyday to protest the U.S. occupation of their country.

On April 23, for example, in the city of Karbala, over 1 million people marched in protest, demanding that U.S. troops leave their country. In slogans, banners, and speeches, the people declared "No to the U.S. government, and No to a military authority." "We refuse occupation, we want an elected government that represents the people," many speakers repeatedly demanded.

In Baghdad, protests against the occupation continue to break out everyday all across the city. In downtown street gatherings next to the U.S. military blockades, in front of the hotels and palaces where

U. S. troops are garrisoned, and in scores of mosques throughout the capital, tens of thousands of Baghdad residents are calling for U.S. troops to leave the country immediately.

On April 15, at least 20,000 Iraqis marched in Nasiriya, under banners reading: "No to America, No to Saddam." The rally was organized to coincide with and oppose a meeting organized by U.S. occupationist forces as part of the attempt to rig up a puppet administration.

Similar actions have been organized in many other cities throughout Iraq.