The People Will Have Their Say!

March 4, 2003

Within only a few hours of the start of the U.S. war against Iraq, people all across the U.S. and the world began coming out in protest. And this movement keeps growing.

On Saturday, March 22, 250,000 people joined a demonstration in New York City while hundreds of thousands more came out in actions in dozens of cities and towns, including San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles.

On the same day, at least 500,000 people marched in Barcelona and 200,000 demonstrated in London. Hundreds of thousands more rallied across Europe. A day earlier, more than 11 million workers in Italy organized a two-hour strike.

In Asia, people protested in practically every country, including large actions in Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan, etc. Anti-war actions were also organized across the Middle East, in Africa and Latin America.

Millions upon millions of people -- in thousands of cities and some 100 countries - have already taken to the streets to oppose the war. This immense outpouring shows the common stand of humanity -- "Stop the U.S. War Against Iraq!"

Even though Bush launched this war in defiance of world opinion, the people are refusing to be pushed to the sidelines. The peoples are demanding peace and the need is to further organize ourselves. We must build up our independent movement in opposition to the parties of war and imperialism. We must aim at taking the political power out of the hands of the warmakers and returning it to the people.

Let us all continue to strengthen the worldwide union of the people against war and imperialism.

Let us carry the struggle through to the end by defeating imperialism and creating that new world so ardently desired by the peoples everywhere -- a world of peace and friendship in which the sovereignty and rights of all peoples are recognized.