Editorial: Organize the Opposition

January 6, 2003

The American people's struggle against the government's war program keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

But this struggle cannot be left to develop spontaneously. To advance and win we must organize, organize, organize.

And the key to organizing is to assist the nonstop politicalization of the people -- to look into the root cause of war in the capitalist-imperialist system, to study the balance of political forces and for the people to take all the questions of strategy, tactics and organization into their own hands.

Winning the struggle for peace means matching and defeating the organized power of the monopoly capitalist class, a class whose very social existence is bound up with war and imperialism. We must face the challenge in all seriousness recognizing that the capitalist class has declared that its so-called "war against terrorism" will last for decades, recognizing that this war is already underway over a vast area from Colombia to Afghanistan to Iraq to the Philippines.

In other words, to win the peace, the people must organize themselves independent of and in opposition to the parties of war and imperialism. We must unite in anti-imperialist organizations and bring the widest majority of people into mass actions against the warmakers. Only the organized strength and active struggles of the people can stay the hand of the warmakers.

The aim of this struggle can only be to replace the government and parties of war, with a new people's government that:

- ends the war program;

- withdraws all U.S. troops stationed abroad;

- carries through a foreign policy of peace and friendship based on recognizing the sovereignty and rights of all.