Public Schools Shut Down for Lack of Funding

June 3, 2003

Public schools throughout the state of Oregon are closing down ahead of schedule because the government refuses to provide adequate funding.

At least 90 of Oregon's 198 school districts have cut back on the number of school days as a result of a 10% cut in state aid. Many of these districts have eliminated several weeks of classes, forcing teachers to dramatically curtail the curriculum. In addition, substantial pay cuts as high as several thousand dollars per year have been imposed on teachers and other school employees.

Similar cutbacks in public education are being carried out all across the country. According to the National School Boards Association, the majority of our country's 15,000 school districts face growing deficits, amounting to billions of dollars. As a result school authorities keep increasing class sizes, laying off teachers and other workers, cutting back on school days, curtailing the curriculum, eliminating summer school, after school programs, preschooling, etc.

This is a national disgrace and cause for indicting the government as criminally irresponsible. In a country which such a vast economy, the government cannot even adequately fund the public schools!