Crisis in Education

September 16, 2003

Several articles in this issue deal with problems of the public schools.

The long and short of it is: our country's schools are facing a crisis.

Elementary and secondary schools are falling down for lack of repair and investment. Students are stuffed in overcrowded classrooms, denied needed facilities and materials. The curriculum is being cut back. Teachers are underpaid and overworked. At the same time, the cost of higher education keeps skyrocketing, preventing more and more working class youth from going to college.

The reason is very simple. The government, at all levels, refuses to make the needed investments.

And make no mistake about, the politicians in the Republican and Democratic parties are going to continue dismantling our country's schools. They continue to systematically underfund education so as to divert the monies in the public treasury into the pockets of the corporations. They do not give a damn about the education of working class children and youth. In fact, the capitalist politicians keep working to privatize the public schools and turn the clock back to the days when only the rich could afford a real education.

But education is a right not a privilege. Every generation of Americans has fought to extent the public school system and to demand equality in education. Today this struggle must be renewed. We must demand that government make all the investments needed to modernize our schools and guarantee equality in education.