January 6, 2003

As "The Worker" goes to press, the Bush administration is preparing yet another tax cut for the corporations and very wealthy.

Although all the details are not yet known, Bush's plan reportedly includes a sharp cut in taxes on corporate dividends, new tax breaks on corporate investments and more cuts in the tax rate for wealthy individuals.

In fact, all along the line, the government's economic program is simply helping the rich rob the public treasury. Within the last 2 years alone, the Bush administration has cut taxes for the rich by hundreds of billions of dollars and, at the same time, turned hundreds of billions more over to the Pentagon, the insurance companies, the airline capitalists and others.

And while the politicians and the super-rich are robbing the public, the government refuses to make the investments needed to guarantee vital public services. The public schools are falling down for lack of government funding. Medicare, Medicaid and our country's entire health care system is in crisis, leaving tens of millions without needed care. Public housing has been all but abandoned by the government and income-support programs cut to the bone. In fact, the capitalists and politicians keep privatizing vital public services in order to turn these social funds, set aside to guarantee the rights of the people, into yet another source of superprofits.

In sum, the government's power to tax and spend is used to further redistribute the wealth of our country in favor of the capitalist class, to bleed taxes out of the workers and turn these monies over to the corporations. Today as the economic crisis intensifies, the capitalists rely more and more on the government to intervene and guarantee their superprofits.

The workers have no choice but to come into the political arena to fight for a fundamental change in the government's program. In the final analysis, economics is decided by politics - by which class holds the power.

In opposition to capitalist economics, the workers must demand:

- An end to the militarization of the economy and the looting of the public treasury;

- An end to the privatization of public services;

- Expanding the public sector of the economy and social investments so as to guarantee the inalienable economic rights of the people, including the right to a job or a livelihood, to health care, education, etc.

In the final analysis, the workers must gain the political power in order to eliminate the system of exploitation and insure that the aim of economic life is to guarantee the well-being of the people, not the profits of a few.