The Right to a Livelihood Must be Guaranteed

September 16, 2003

According to the government, the U.S. economy has been "in recovery" since November 2001. Yet during this time, more than 1 million jobs have been wiped out bringing the total of unemployed and "discouraged" workers (those unemployed for 2 years or more) to 10.5 million or 7% of the labor force. Economists expect unemployment to remain this high for the next year and longer.

In other words, the capitalist system and the capitalist government are indicting themselves. The system is performing at peak capacity

- - that is production and profits are up. And as a result, tens of millions of workers and their families are denied a livelihood.

But the right to a stable, secure livelihood is the most elementary human right and guarantying this right must be the very starting point of a humane economy. Since the current economic system puts the profits and riches of a few ahead of the needs of the majority, it must be changed. Part and parcel of the struggle for change is to demand immediate guarantees for a job or income for every worker.