Only the People Can Stop the War!

March 4, 2003

Even as the world is standing up and saying "NO!" To war, the Bush administration remains hellbent on invading Iraq.

Acting like the dictator of the world, Bush tells the U.N. to join in the U.S. war or "become irrelevant;" he demands that every country accept U.S. dictate or be labeled an "uncivilized, outlaw regime."

Make no mistake about it. The war which the U.S. is preparing against Iraq is an aggressive, imperialist war. It is a war in which the U.S. admits that it will target civilian populations, a war which the Pentagon boasts will begin with a "blitzkrieg" in which "no one in Baghdad will be safe." It is a war which aims to install a colonial regime in Iraq and establish U.S. domination throughout the Middle East. It is a war for oil, for profits, for colonialism.

And the war in Iraq, is only one front in the so-called "war against terrorism." In this issue of The Worker, we report on escalating U.S. military intervention in the Philippines and Colombia and on U.S. war preparations against Korea. According to the Bush administration the "war against terrorism" will last for decades and is already being extended to dozens of countries. As part of this war, the U.S. government has officially adopted the doctrine of "preemptive war," asserting its "right" to launch wars of aggression against any country at any time it deems fit.

All of these wars arise from the capitalist-imperialist system, a system in which the U.S. monopolies live by the superexploitation and domination of countries throughout the world. To "defend" and expand this empire, U.S. imperialism resorts to war. It resorts to war when countries try to throw off the yoke of imperialist domination; it resorts to war when the peoples fight to free themselves of colonialism and neo-colonialism; it resorts to war when rival imperialist powers compete with the U.S. for domination and control.

Recent events have made it crystal clear that rather than heeding the demand of the people for peace, the government is the chief weapon in the hands of the parties of war and imperialism.

This is the challenge which the people must meet. In the course of mobilizing ever-wider sections of people into the struggle to stay the hand of the warmakers, we must build up our own independent, anti-imperialist movement.

Such a movement must be directed against the parties of war and imperialism and aim at bringing to power a new government - a workers' and peoples' government which strikes at the root causes of war and militarism.

We aim at ending U.S. aggression and intervention in all its forms and the withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad. We must end the militarization of our country and carry through a foreign policy of peace and friendship based on recognizing the sovereign rights of every country and people.