The World Says "No!" to War

February 18, 2003

On February 15-16, millions upon millions of people, from more than 600 cities in 60 separate countries, came out in mass actions to oppose the war which the U.S. government is preparing against Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in major cities across Europe, including Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, etc. In Asia, huge demonstrations were organized in Tokyo, Seoul, Manila and elsewhere. Millions more people joined in actions in Africa, Latin America and Australia.

In the U.S., close to 500,000 people rallied in New York City while other demonstrations took place in more than 150 cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia.

In addition to opposing war on Iraq, the people raised demands against the U.S. government's worldwide "war against terrorism." Banners, speakers and literature spoke out in support of the Palestinian people, the Korean people and other people under attack from U.S. imperialism.

These actions show the growing isolation of the U.S. government and its war program which are being opposed not only by the peoples but also by more and more governments across the world.

Bush Remains on the Warpath

Yet while humanity is saying "NO!," the U.S. government remains on the warpath. The Bush administration is arrogantly telling the whole world that it must either join with U.S. imperialism or "become irrelevant." The Pentagon is making "final preparations" for an invasion of Iraq , surrounding the country with more than 150,000 troops and filling the Persian Gulf with aircraft carriers, nuclear-armed submarines, and fighter bombers. U.S. generals are boasting that they are planning a "blitzkrieg" against Baghdad and Iraq which could be launched at any time.

The struggle between the people - who demand and need peace - and the U.S. imperialist warmakers is reaching a turning point. While the U.S. government is planning to set the Persian Gulf on fire in a war for empire and profits, the people are fighting to stay the hand of the warmakers. And if the U.S. launches war, the peoples will have to fight to stop it.

We must be vigilant, determined and ever-more active. We can and must carry the struggle through and win the peace.