War is the Product of the Imperialist System

October 14, 2003

George Bush is very explicit in saying that the "war on terrorism" is going to continue for many years and be extended to many more countries.

What is the cause of this war program and why is it intensifying at this time? Answering this question is a necessary part of solving the problem - of stopping the wars; answering this question is fundamental to building an independent political movement which empowers people to make the changes necessary to create a world of peace and friendship.

The first part of the answer is that the U.S. government's war program is a product of the capitalist-imperialist system. Imperialism is a system through which the U.S. monopolies have exported their capital to the four ends of the earth, grabbing between 33%-50% of their annual profits by robbing the resources and exploiting the peoples of other countries.

This system of colonialism and domination - these relations of exploitation and oppression - rest on violence. In the last 100 years, the U.S. government has waged hundreds of war - throughout Latin America, in Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, in Afghanistan and Iraq, etc., etc., - to grab economic territory and suppress the struggles of the peoples for independence and liberation.

Thus, U.S. imperialism is warlike by its very nature - the U.S. monopoly capitalist class is a class which lives by war and colonialism.

But this is not all. Today, U.S. militarism is at a fever pitch.

U.S. capitalism has adopted the Hitlerite doctrine that "Might Makes Right" and is unleashing war against all of humanity. This rabid militarism is an inevitable result of the ever-growing and unresolvable crisis of the imperialist system. Driven by its own internal contradictions and the relentless drive to make more profit - to exploit more peoples - U.S. imperialism needs to expand its empire.

But U.S. capitalism is continually coming up against obstacles - against peoples who are fighting for their liberation from imperialism, against countries which are defending their independence and against rival imperialist powers who are also trying to grab economic territory and colonies for themselves. The strategy of U.S. imperialism is to overcome any and all resistance by relying on its military force. Thus, U.S. imperialism need war.

In other words, the war program of the U.S. government is not merely a "bad policy" or the pet project of a few "ultra-right-wing politicians."

It is an inevitable result of the capitalist-imperialist system and the common program of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Precisely because both these parties are bought-and-paid-for by the monopoly capitalists, history shows that the wars of U.S. imperialism have been waged by both parties.

Thus, the anti-war movement must organize itself independently of these parties of war and direct its struggle against them. In the short run, we can prevent or stop particular wars by countering the organized power of the people to the power of the capitalist warmakers. The need is to mobilize ever-wider sections of the people against each and every aggressive step taken by the government and, in the course of this work, organize a proactive movement which demands the complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad and an end to U.S. aggression against other countries.

In the final analysis, we can only end all wars by getting rid of the capitalist-imperialist system. By eliminating the relations of colonialism and exploitation, we will eliminate the source of war (the drive of the exploiting classes for the domination of other peoples).

The peoples' aim is nothing less than to bring into being a world in which the sovereignty of every country is guaranteed - a world without racism, exploitation and domination.